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e-rhetor is a pioneer and highly skilled company with extended research and industrial experience in the field of language and voice technologies. Founded in 2001, e-rhetor has demonstrated strong research and development activity that led inspiring ideas to market solutions. Thecompanyparticipatesin jointimplementationprojectswith majorsystem integratorsand specializesin developing innovativeandtargeted solutions.

Today, we are next to you to develop your voice strategy and add audio value to your profile, products, services and infrastructure.


  • PhonAesthesia Mobile (2004): The first Greek-English small-footprint text-to-speech speech synthesizer for embedded devices and mobile phones (SymbianOS and Windows Mobile).
  • PhonAesthesia Visual (2006): The first speech synthesis system with special accessibility specifications for screen reading applications.
  • PhonAesthesia Voice Factory (2008): A rapid voice development tool.
  • WebRhetor TTS (2008): On-line text-to-speech service
  • WebRhetor Feed (2009): The first telephony RSS voice browser.
  • pesto! TTS (2010): A free text-to-speech Greek synthesizer.
  • WebRhetor Portal (2011): Novel open telephony web voice browser. Available as CallingWeb toll-free service.
  • GreekBack (2014): An innovative text-to-speech system for Android with accessibility enhancements for the Greek language. Also available as "Vodafone Speaking App" by Vodafone Greece.


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