pesto! TTS logoThe name "pesto" is coming from the Greek phrase "πες το", which means "say it": pesto TTS is a text-to-speech system that gives you voice from written texts. Why a sauce name for a text-to-speech? Probably because you can cook your applications with pesto TTS!

pesto TTS is the text-to-speech runtimes of PhonAesthesia Language Suite, a collection of speech tools and resources that is being developed by e-rhetor for more than 10 years. It is flexible enough to host almost any kind of linguistic resources and voices, from small-footprint to large scale, performing robotic to natural and expressive speech synthesis.

Version 2 is coming!

Version 2 is now getting pesto TTS off the ground by introducing fast custom expressive voice deployment within a few days, bridge to Flite synthesis engine and more. Available for Windows, Linux and Android.


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    Download the Starter Pack and additional add-ons for FREE.

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  • Cooking pesto!

    Are you a developer? Start cooking with pesto TTS right away. Just download the PhonAesthesia TTS SDK and find a sample recipe for the programming language or framework that suits you: C/C++, Java, .NET.

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    pesto! TTS Starter Pack is licensed under Creative Commons (BY NC SA), i.e. it is FREE for non-commercial projects.

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    Commercial licenses are also available starting from 95€.

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