1. How can I try GreekBack?

You can try GreekBack for 7 days:

  • Run "e-rhetor GreekBack" on your device
  • Read the terms and If you agree press "Continue"
  • Press the "License Manager"
  • Leave all fields empty and just press "Activation". An internet connection is required for this action.

When you retrieve your demo license, then enable GreekBack on your device. 

2. How can I enable GreekBack on my device?

To select GreekBack as your default Text-to-Speech engine:

  1. Open "e-rhetor GreekBack"
  2. Press "Text-to-Speech settings"
  3. From the list of Text-to-Speech engines choose "e-rhetor GreekBack" 

 To start TalkBack:

  1. Open "e-rhetor GreekBack"
  2. Press "Accessibility Settings"
  3. Press "TalkBack"
  4. Press "OFF", which will become "ON"

GreekBack can be also used by any other app that make use of text-to-speech. As long as you have configured GreekBack as you default voice, it will be enabled as soon as that app runs. 

3. How can I buy a permanent GreekBack license?

We suggest that you try it first (read above). As Google does not allow yet companies located in Greece to sell their apps in Google Play store, we have set up an alternative selling and activation process that requires from you a couple of additional steps. You can buy a permanent GreekBack license through MyCommerce e-shop, either from the link below or from within the app. When you complete the purchase, you will receive a license code, which will be your first coupon that you can use to permanently activate GreekBack on your first device.

If you don't have a credit card or PayPal account and you have a professional VAT number, you can also buy GreekBack by Bank Transfer. In this case, please contact us.

To buy GreekBack from MyCommerce e-shop, just press the following button (Note: a -50% offer is running until February 28th 2014. Click here for more information.)

Buy GreekBack from MyCommerce

Alternatively, follow these steps from GreekBack app:


  1. Open "e-rhetor GreekBack"
  2. Press "License Manager"
  3. Press "Buy me"
  4. Read the "Before you buy" guide and then press "Buy me". This will transfer you to the mobile version of MyCommerce e-shop, where you can complete the purchase.


4. What is a "coupon"?

A coupon is not a license. A coupon is a 12-digit code that allows you to enable a license on your device. For security reasons, coupons expire after 3 days from the day issued. 


5. I bought a coupon. How do I activate a permanent license?

  1. Open "e-rhetor GreekBack"
  2. Press "License Manager"
  3. Find the "Coupon field" and enter your 12-digit coupon
  4. Press "Activate". An active internet connection is required for this. 

6. On how many devices can I activate GreekBack?

The user license of GreekBack is mainly tied to the licensee, i.e. the person that the license has been bought for. Thus, we allow to activate GreekBack on 3 devices with a single license. That is to allow you to change your device in the future without worrying about licensing. It is not allowed to activate GreekBack on a device that you are not using. In any case, please consider the "3 devices" limit.

7. How to use a "coupon" to activate an additional device?

You can't. A coupon can be used once, to activate just a single device. But remember: a coupon is not a license. Your license is actually bought when you first bought a coupon. You can activate GreekBack on 5 devices which means that you are eligible to receive as many as required additional coupons to activate GreekBack on 3 devices. This is not an automatic process. To activate a new device, you should contact e-rhetor, using the "Send e-mail to e-rhetor" button that you will find in GreekBack, and ask for a fresh coupon. 

8. What are the differences between GreekBack and Vodafone Speaking App?

If you are a Vodafone Greece subscriber, you can install for free Vodafone Speaking App, which is based on GreekBack. There are currently some licensing differences:

  1. GreekBack does not require a SIM card in order to be activated.
  2. As a consequence of the previous, GreekBack reads SMS and web content when flight mode is enabled.
  3. GreekBack is available worldwide.  

9. How can I recover my license (e.g. after a device reset or uninstall of GreekBack)?

If you uninstalled GreekBack and want to re-install it, it is very easy to recover your license. If you had activated GreekBack on your device in the past, then just follow the trial activation process and the system will recover your permanent license.

If you performed a factory reset on your device, then ask e-rhetor to send you a new coupon for free.

10. Where can I find a user manual for TalkBack?