GreekBack for AndroidGreekBack is a Text-To-Speech app for Android with unique accessibility enhancements for the Greek language. It is specially designed to integrate seemesly with TalkBack screen reader and pronounce Greek everywhere: in SMS, e-mails, web pages, exploring the device etc.


  • Includes pesto TTS Greek text-to-speech synthesizer, bundled with the small-footprint voice "Simos_1081".
  • The only TTS that speaks Greek in all SMS.
  • The only TTS that speaks the full form of abbreviated phrases in Android icons and options.
  • Correct pronunciation of Greek texts in any environment.
  • Tuned pronunciation of abbreviations, dates and telephone numbers to be well understood by the user.
  • Provides 1-click shortcuts to accessibility settings.
  • Seamless integration with Google's stock screen reader Talkback.
  • Fast responsiveness to user gestures even in old devices.
  • Extremely fast and efficiently light.

Listen to a voice sample