MBROLA voice wrapper Version:

This is an MBROLA synthesizer wrapper for pesto! TTS. It includes the mbrola.dll, which is the binary file of the MBROLA codec, which is wrapped in a voice template.

No voice database is included. You have to download them from MBROLA homepage.

Some guidelines on setting up an MBROLA voice database to work with pesto! TTS are included.

NOTE 1: The MBROLA synthesizer has a different license agreement than pesto! TTS. By downloading and using this wrapper, you implicitly agree to respect that agreement.

NOTE 2: Each MBROLA voice database has its distinct license. For example, some are not allowing commercial usage. Check the license of each voice database you intend to use.

NOTE 3: This plug-in will work out-of-the-box with MBROLA voice databases that comply to the UoATTSPA phonetic alphabet (http://speech.di.uoa.gr/synthesis/ttspa/). If this is not the case with your voice, you should contact support to get a modified code.

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License Creative Commons
Created 03-06-2012