• pesto TTS

    pesto TTS
    Free Greek Text-to-Speech

    • Small-footprint (<3MB)
    • Unlimited vocabulary
    • English support
    • SDK for integration
    • FREE for non-commercial
    • Upgradable with natural voices


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  • WebRhetor Portal

    WebRhetor Portal

    Driving? Traveling? Out for a coffee? Missing Internet connection while on a island? Are you facing difficulties in accessing information?

    e-rhetor WebRhetor Portal is a novel and unique IVR platoform that brings all web news in your headphone, in the time they are transmitted. All popular newspapers, blogs, fora etc as well as custom selected web sites are now voice accessible. Without the need of an Internet connection the Internet is now in your headphone!

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  • Professional Services

    Our Services


    • Text-to-Speech
    • Speech Recognition
    • Language Processing
    • Loquendo & Nuance support
    • Telecommunications
    • Web
    • Accessibility


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